The New Classic

It’s Friday! Happy Happy Friday!

This has been a week of whirlwind emotions because of new opportunities, new friends, new blogger friends and overall just positive people and vibes in my life. I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by amazingly positive people in real life and from the blogging world that have been so supportive of me and constantly remind me by their words and actions to always remain positive and keep moving forward regardless, of negative comments and attitudes, bad days, fears or whatever. So for that I want to thank all of you, my family, friends, blogger friends and new readers for not only stopping by, but being so incredibly supportive and kind. 

Moving on to my outfit! Chances are if the day ends with the letter y, I’m gonna be wearing black pants and a button down top. It’s what I feel comfortable in, it’s what I throw on before I rush out of the house because I’m tired and my eyes are barely open and because between my mom and I we have a ridiculous collection of button downs and white shirts. Instead of just throwing on a button down, I decided to layer a silk blouse underneath for a fresh look and a feminine touch against all of the black. Groundbreaking, right? Well thank you, I agree as well….I’m kidding of course, but I really like the light layered look and it’s a nice change from the classic button down look I always go for. Plus, instead of just throwing a shirt on, I can challenge myself by mixing and matching different undershirts! 

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, then you already know…I recently landed a job as the newest closet assistant at Teen Vogue!!! I have always dreamed about working for a magazine and even stepping foot into the Conde Nast & the Hearst Building. With no magazine experience I never in my wildest dreams thought I would even have this opportunity, so I’m still a little in shock. I’m not even kidding that I would stress out about not being able to live out my dreams. And the fact that I get to call Teen Vogue my new home is so surreal and is such a dream come true. 
I set out to make 2014 my year, it’s the year I graduated and moved back to New York! I started my blog this year, something I’ve always wanted to do, but used to be scared about what people would say or think until I decided not to care and go for it. I’ve decided to take more risks with my fashion. I constantly admire clothes online, whether that be from Pinterest, Tumblr or even online shops, but always tell myself that my hips are too big, my butt is too big, I’m too short, until I finally stopped putting myself down and started wearing what I want! This year has been incredible and this has been the cherry on top! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!
Outfit Details
Blouse: C.Wonder. Shirt: J.Crew (old, similar). Pants: Banana Republic. Booties: Tory Burch (last season, new here). Bag: Chanel. Sunnies: Ray-Ban.
Thank you so much for reading L.A Style, N.Y Smile! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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