A La Mode

Happy Monday! 

 Why can’t every Monday be a federal holiday so we can always have three day weekends and four day weekdays…?

When it comes to my wardrobe, I pretty much have a weakness for anything striped, any kind of graphic shirts and sweaters and pretty much every white shirt ever made. So when I found this “A La Mode” printed sweatshirt at Banana Republic I fell in love. When I found out it was on a major sale I knew it was meant to be. I love that this sweater is a true white and I love the simple print on it. It’s also a heavier material and pretty much the sweater of my dreams. 
Ever since Marissa Webb joined the Banana Republic team I fell in love with the store all over again. I began noticing a change in the retailer in August and have been addicted since….so addicted that I’m in head-to-toe BR (I seriously did major damage during their sale!). A girl can never have to many black skirts so I purchased this circle skirt knowing it will go with everything and paired perfectly with my sweater and I love the school girl prep vibe this outfit has. 

Honestly you never truly understand how beautiful a heatwave in the summer is until you become a blogger. I’m 292% over winter and everything it has to offer (hello dry skin). At this point I have promised myself to never complain about another heatwave ever again and to embrace the summer heat because I’m that much over winter. 
So I just wanted to share this little gem my mom snapped while taking pictures the other day. I had just taken off my coat, the wind really started blowing, I was trying to fix my sweater while trying to control my skirt from folding in between my legs and it was pretty much 10 degrees outside so I felt like I was in Alaska and pretty much wanted to cry…but looking back at this picture I almost want to laugh…almost.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Banana Republic. Sweater: Banana Republic. Skirt: Banana Republic. Coat: BurberryBooties: Tory Burch (last season, current hereBracelet: Tory Burch. Vince Camuto. Sunnies: Chloe
Thank you so much for reading L.A Style, N.Y Smile! Have a great week everyone!


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  • Mel

    Adorable outfit! Love the coat! I understand about winter. It's way too cold and makes it so difficult taking pictures. Majority of my pics are me with teeth chattering. Oh the things we do ha. Happy Monday


  • Such a cute sweater! Happy Monday lady!



  • This is one of my favorite graphic sweatshirts as well!! You look too adorable! And that belted coat is to die for! XO


  • Great look! Love the sweater

    Made in Mauve

  • Banana Republic has done a complete 180 and Iā€™m loving it! That sweater is so cute!

  • Stripes n Vibes

    Awesome a la mode top)

    love how you've styled it!



  • I think we have very similar tastes~ love your outfit, it's such a perfect winter ootd <3


  • quynh tran

    I thought the same thing about warm weather and sunshine. Winter never really bothered me so much until I started taking pictures for my blog. On another note, I am obsessed with your sweater. I really love it!
    http://the-party -dress.com

  • I just love that graphic sweat shirt with your skater skirt! I love when you can take casual pieces and turn them into work appropriate outfits. There's nothing better than comfort. (;

  • How funny, I too am a huge fan of Marissa Webb AND am a sucker for graphic sweats and tees! Marissa really has revolutionized the BR brand and vibe and this sweatshirt is a great example of her touch. You look adorable in this outfit, especially in the last pic!


  • Shoshana

    What a cute look. The coat however, it's on another and totally turns this cute look in to a chic & sophisticated ensemble. Great choice. You have a good eye.

    http://www.stylegonerogue.com (new post)

  • Thanks so much Mel! And I know!! I'm either laughing or cringing at my pictures because I feel like my smile is so frozen and awkward, but major props to you for taking pictures in that Chicago weather and snow!!

  • Thanks so much Samantha! Happy Monday to you as well. Hope you have a great week!

  • Thank you so much Anna! I'm still dying over your amazing cape from today!

  • Dear Linda, You always look super chic, cute and put together and of course, SUPER beautiful! I enjoy learning about where and you got your clothes and your adventures trying to get pictures taken in the really cold weather. The BR sweater is adorable and I really like skirt too. And the last picture of you trying to fix your sweater is super cute! And you also have a super wonderful supportive mom!!!! God bless both of you:-) XOXO, Jeannette

  • I couldn't agree more Ashley! It's become one of my favorite retailers and i can't get enough. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Thank you so much Tanya & thank you for stopping by! Have a great week!

  • I'm so happy to hear that Gina! I have to head to your blog and check it out. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Thank you so much!!! And yes! I've never been so over winter, but it is just so hard taking blog pictures in the winter!! I can't wait for any sign of Spring.

  • Thank you!! I couldn't agree more! I love being able to dress pieces up and down and with my crazy work schedule, comfort is always key!

  • Thank you so much Ivete!! I love Marissa Webb and so wish I could afford her personal line, but in the meantime I'll just keep visiting BR, but she really has done wonders for the brand, I can't get enough of it!! Especially love your leather shirt!

  • Thank you so much Shoshana!!

  • Thank you so very much! It's been so hard taking pictures in the winter because it's just so cold out! But reading your positive feedback definitely makes it worth the effort. And yes my mom is such a trooper and so supporting for following me around in the cold!! Thank you, thank you! I hope you have a great week!

  • The sweater and skirt goes so well together!!

    I am a new follower šŸ™‚

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  • Your coat is amazing! You have a lovely blog
    Have a wonderful week!

    xx Girl in the Bunny Ears

  • Blue Adriatic

    Cute sweater! Im sending greetings to NYC šŸ™‚
    Kisses, Sily

  • Jaime Shrayber

    Love this whole look head to toe!! I love that you posted the silly picture.. photo shoots can be brutal sometimes!!
    xo Jaime

  • Rach

    Love this look! It's so cute!


  • I love the edge feminine mix of this look! And that coat is to die for!!


  • Thank you so much Candice! and thank you for following along! I'll be sure to check out your blog as well.

  • Thank you so much! Your blog & photography is so gorgeous!

  • Thank you so much love!

  • Thank you so much Jaime!! Yes, photo shoots in the winter are hell on earth!

  • Thank you so much Rach!

  • Thank you so, so much Jaclyn! Have a great rest of the week!

  • Great look! Love the skirt in combination with the sweater.

    ā™˜ http://www.sugarpopfashion.com ā™˜

  • Thank you so much girl!

  • Beauty Follower
  • Courtney

    How cute are you! I'm loving the red lip on you, it's my favorite accessory!

    XO Courtney