Playing With Colors, Prints & Textures

Happy Monday! 

Since I’m petite (plus hippy…and a little too blessed in the booty department) and just favor classic, simple styles I tend to stick to simple and clean lines and shapes. But I do love playing around with different prints, colors, textures and fun little details. Black & white silk geo print blouse with a blue leather jacket. Blue and red floral leather heels and classic black pants with a zipper detail. Silver laser cut clutch and silver mirrored cat eye sunnies. One thing that inspires me the most is the Marissa Webb/BR aesthetic. I love that she takes classic shapes and styles and gives them an update with a pop of color, a fun print or an interesting texture. I may not always jump at the opportunity to try a new silhouette, but I’m all about a fun detail. 
And on a random note…
Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching The Mindy Project every morning for the past few months or because I’m going through withdrawal since the show just had their season finale, but I’ve gotten the urge to binge watch a new show on Hulu Plus. This weekend I started watching Younger with Hilary Duff and I’m already obsessed! I also finished catching up with Undateable and One Big Happy, which have both quickly become favorites and started watching Eye Candy, although I’m not sure what I think about it yet, but since I started it, there’s no turning back! If you have any suggestions or thoughts on these shows, I would love to hear them! 
Outfit Details
Thank you so much for reading L.A Style, N.Y Smile! Have a great week everyone! 
~ Linda ~

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  • Chottie

    Ooh girl, I love that jacket!! It's such a beautiful statement! Great look:) Hope you had an amazing Easter weekend!!


  • Mrs. Mason Dixon

    Younger is so good – I love seeing Hilary Duff back on television. Another fun show is Young and Hungry with Emily Osment and Jesse McCartney!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  • Fabulous pattern mixing happening here! XO


  • STUNNING!! I need those shoes, so gorgeous.


  • quynh tran

    THIS IS SO CUTE! The whole look is just PERFECT!

  • Jaime Shrayber

    So fun! Love everything about this look
    xo Jaime

  • My suggestion with Eye Candy is stick with it! I had mixed feelings at first, but I'm so glad I stuck it out. For being a low budget MTV show, it's pretty dang good. Not to mention I sort of love shows with serial killers. Weird right? I'm trying to watch Scandal on Netflix, everyone tells me it's really good and I'm at the "eh" stage of it. I must keep going I guess. Bates Motel is great if you're into horror.

    I love mixing prints and sometimes it can be a down right fail. I've been playing up a lot of color in my wardrobe lately too. Trying to utilize some of those fall colored layering pieces and transition them to Spring. Sometimes it works out great, other times I walk in the door to my fiance giving me a weird look and telling me I don't match. But hey, every day is a reason to play dress up. (;