Life Lately: Stressed, Depressed & Only Somewhat Well Dressed

This week dragged on & I am exhausted. I just want to go into hibernation until next summer if we’re being entirely honest here. I haven’t done an Instagram round up in a while and I’ve been trying really hard to actually post more consistently since my blog & Instagram suffer when I’m super stressed at work, so I wanted to share some of my favorite photos on the blog…. And it’s also late so I’m too tired to pick out blog photos and edit them, so there’s that. 
Mama didn’t raise no fool, so I always buy things on sale or when there’s a percentage off. But, when I saw these shoes I just could not resist them so I splurged and have no regrets. Plus they perfectly compliment the tiled floors at the LIE SANGBONG boutique in the meatpacking district! 

Work has been pretty stressful lately (but, then again when is it not?!) so I’ve been in the office super early. First one in. Last one out. But, being all alone in the Cosmo office is a great time to take some Instagram photos! Plus I leave my house super early so I don’t do my makeup until I get to work and these sunnies have been my absolute favorite lately, perfect for shielding my face pre-makeup. 
We just finished shooting our Gift Guide and let me tell you, I never ever want to experience another gift guide shoot. I was literally swimming and drowning in boxes and merchandise. As stressful as this was, it was pretty cool getting in all of this random stuff that we normally don’t. Here a few of my favorites and of course the printed Chanel is at the top of my list. 
Just when we finished with the madness that is gift guide, we started planning the craziness that is Fashion Week. This season I took on a different role and it was one that took some getting used to. But, one of the highlights from NYFW was being to hang out with my favorite blogger babe at the Lulu’s Style Studio event!  
I’ve already talked way too much about work in this post, but my job has pretty much been my life for a while now so it’s hard not to mix my two worlds. But, can we just take a moment to talk about this view?! Call me crazy, but every time I’m tired, overwhelmed and just feel like giving up, this view just keeps encouraging me to push on…. and I’ve also developed a drinking problem since starting this job #DrinkingMySorrowsAway (Just kidding mom, don’t text me and yell at me, but also don’t touch my Midori in the fridge).
Now that fall is quickly approaching, I’m super excited to embrace darker colors and my absolute favorite is hunter green. I’m obsessed with this Rebecca Minkoff cross body, but this one and this one are heavily on my radar. 
Excuse the poor quality, these photos came from snapchat! But, this NYFW snuck up on me and so I went on a mad scramble looking for outfits and inspiration online. I first saw this Karen Walker dress on my favorite blogger, Wendy’s Lookbook and was obsessed. When I saw the sale price, I knew I had to pick it up. 
I’ve been obsessed with denim skirts, so why not a denim dress? Unfortunately this one was a little too tight so it’s going back, but I loved the style so I might have to pick up this Topshop one instead. 
An outfit shot from the Lulu’s party. I am obsessed with this little black dress and can’t wait for the endless styling opportunities with it.
And lastly my favorite look from NYFW, seen on the blog here. I’ve obnoxiously posted four outfit shots of this already and probably going to post more, but wearing head to toe Banana Republic is obviously my favorite thing. 
And be sure to keep an eye out for a full NYFW recap/thoughts about this season on the blog coming very soon!!
Thanks for reading everyone, have a great weekend and be sure to follow me on Instagram for outfit shots, the craziness of being an assistant in fashion, the fabulous merchandise at Cosmo/Seventeen and shots of the greatest city in the world!! 


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