Current Favorite Lip Colors

I’ve been obsessed with lipstick/lip colors since as long as I can remember. I have a ridiculous collection that I’m not even sure I even know what I own. But, this year I’ve made a goal to myself to wear lipstick everyday. I just feel more comfortable and confident with a bold lip color on and also realized that I gravitate towards reds and fuchsia colors because I think it looks best on me. So today I’ve rounded up my favorite lip colors, which funny enough all fall onto the same color spectrum. 
My go-to red lip. It’s bold, but subtle in terms of red because of the matte finish. This combo stay on your lips all day!
A great berry color that leans more towards pink than red. I personally swear by Bobbi Brown lip colors and they are one of my favorites. I normally don’t gravitate towards a matte finish, but these are moisturizing and smooth so it doesn’t look drying. 
A vibrant red color with a matte finish. 
A bold and glossy fuchsia color. YSL is a splurge, but one that I think is totally worth it! YSL has a slight scent, which I personally love.
By far one of my favorite colors. A deep berry color with a glossy finish. Stays on all day, which is surprising with a glossy finish. 

A creamy fuchsia color that compliments the pink lipliner perfectly. 
The perfect berry/red balance. Has a subtle glossy finish and is incredibly creamy. Bite has one of the best staying power for a lip color that I’ve seen.

Thanks for stopping by loves! 
Would love to know if you gravitate towards a specific shade or brand if you’re willing to share!

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