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Happy Friday Loves!
Do any of you have any fun Friday/weekend plans? Personally, I’m rushing home to watch the Olympic opening since it’s my favorite part of the Olympics. Plus I’m planning to film a few videos this weekend so hopefully those will be up soon. I take so long to edit videos cause I’m so critical of myself!! But, I’m trying to get more comfortable with it, so we shall see.
Also… random thought, but the weather in New York has been pretty decent this week. There’s a wonderful breeze and I don’t want to rip my clothes off when I step outside so it’s got me thinking of Fall. The thing I’m looking forward to the most, is pulling out my fave Sandro bomber jacket (as seen here) and stocking up on new ones. When I was in the market for one earlier in the year, it’s like no one had them!! Now, there are a ton in the market. If you follow me on Twitter, today I’ll be tweeting out links of my favorites that I have my eye on, but Express has SO MANY OPTIONS, Gap has an amazing dupe for my dream Saint Laurent one and AE has some great affordable options. Holla at yo girl if you see a great bomber/varsity jacket though cause I’m beyond obsessed and would love to know!




If you watched this video or just actively follow my blog or Instagram, you may have noticed that I have a thing for designer handbags. Ever since I was little, I loved a good bag. I remember getting a pink Dooney & Bourke purse, which was the same one that Lindsay Lohan wore in the ad campaign, and being so in love with it and thinking I was the hottest thing out there. As I got older and started paying more attention to fashion and bloggers, the designer handbag obsession grew a mind of it’s own and I just couldn’t stop.
But, out of my collection, Celine will always by favorite and always be at the top of my wishlist. My goal in life is to have every style (micro luggage, mini luggage, phantom, trapeze, belt bag and nano to name a few) and in every color. So when Trendlee gave me the opportunity to take my dream bag for a spin, I was floored.
If you’re not familiar with Trendlee, they are an online shop that buys and sells pre-loved designer handbags. Personally, I’ve never bought a pre-loved bag, partially because I love the experience of purchasing a designer handbag and because I’m never sure about the quality of them. But, when I received this bag, my whole perspective changed. Not only was the team amazing to work with, but they included proof of authenticity (which is very important!) and the bag itself was in perfect condition!! It blew my mind that this bag seemed so brand new, but was offered at a discounted price. If I wasn’t obsessed with the belt bag before, I definitely am now. It’s seriously such an amazing bag and I love that you can wear it on your shoulder with a long strap or has a top handle. I also loved the color of this specific one. You guys know I love me an Americana theme, so of course I paired this blue/red bag with a white outfit and blue/red shoes to make the color pop even more.
Outfit Details
Bag: Celine Belt Bag (borrowed from Trendlee). Get 5% with code LIVExLAUGH. Yay! Yay! Yay!
Thanks for reading babes! Have a great weekend!

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