The Bomber Jacket Diaries :: Patched Up

Ooh ooh ooh! I just get so excited when I find a new a bomber jacket to add to the collection. For the most part, my past jackets have been pretty simple. Mostly navy with the occasional white detail so when I saw this green one with patches, my jaw dropped to the ground. I’ve been really into pins/patches on jackets so I loved that this one already had patches on it and the color is a nice switch up from an everyday black or navy.

I also want to take a moment to talk about SheIn, since I know there are a ton of different opinions out there so I wanted to share my thoughts. This is my third piece from the company (the first two I purchased, this one was sent to me) and I’ve actually been pretty impressed so far. Fabrics are a very important thing to me, especially in the summer so I think when shopping the site, it’s important to pay attention to the fabric used, read any reviews available and definitely zoom into the product. As for this jacket, it’s very well made and I like that it’s not a flimsy cheap fabric and instead it’s pretty strong.

And on a personal note…

I never visit a doctor when I’m sick. I tend to just wait it out and take medicine, but my face became swollen and I just kept getting worse so I gave in and visited City MD. Turns out I had tonsillitis and by the end of Monday, the left side of my face was huge. Seriously, I took selfies and I still look at them and laugh. I’m on medicine now and feel a bit better, but I can’t wait till this passes completely. Also, my sleeping schedule is starting to go back to normal, thank goodness. I’m starting to sleep at night, although I wake up every now and then and wake up super early, but at least it’s something! Hopefully by Friday, I can report that I’m finally in tip top shape.

Until then, thank you for stopping by!

Outfit Details

Bomber Jacket :: Shirt :: Denim :: Shoes :: Bag :: Sunnies

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