Reviewing My 2017 New Year’s Goals

Yesterday I celebrated one year at the Victoria’s Secret Corporate Office. It’s crazy how fast time flies by and how different life can be in just one year. Since I’m feeling pretty sentimental (which if we’re being honest, is nothing new!), today I’m reviewing my 2017 New Year’s goals to see what I’ve achieved so far and hold myself accountable for what still needs work. This post was inspired by Erika Fox of Retro Flame. I found her post last year when I was struggling with my depression and I found it so refreshing.

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Last year, I was in such a dark place and just felt so lost. Even when I was first hired & started at VS, I was so scared of everything because of my previous employers. But, one year later I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had. One of my biggest highlights actually happened last week when I was able to visit a photo shoot for the upcoming holiday season and meet one of the VS Angels which was an incredible experience.  But, since we only have 4 months left in the year (can you believe it?!), I wanted to take some time to review a few of my goals and see what I can applaud myself for and what I need to start working on. Read my full post on my goals here!


So I checked this one off my list pretty early…. and then checked it off again. I was so excited and rushed myself to move over to WordPress and install a new site design and a few weeks later I was o-v-e-r it. Thankfully, my boyfriend is amazing and so patient and was willing to help me redesign it again. I’m incredibly happy with the way my site looks now and I hope you enjoy it as well. This goal is a success, but with that being said, I could get the urge to redesign it all over again so you just never know!

Take Live Laugh Linda To The Next Level

One of my biggest goals for this site for 2017 was to share more personal content and not just outfit posts and talking about how much I love clothes. While I’m still figuring this one out and still have a ways to go, I’m pretty happy with the content I’ve been putting out so far. Recently, I’ve been sharing more of my personal thoughts and opinions and I’m really happy with the feedback I’ve been getting from you guys so I’m going to say this one is a success.

While we’re on this topic, I also made a secret goal with myself that I was just too embarrassed to share with you guys. You may notice that I don’t do a lot of sponsored content. I’m pretty picky with who I work with, but I also have a bad habit of self-sabotaging  myself. When companies reach out, I just didn’t have enough confidence in myself, my site and my work to have a serious discussion so sometimes I would flat out ignore them. Bad business practice I know. But, in the past, my career was so unstable and that trickled into my blog and my approach to my blog being equally as unstable. Now that I have a steady job that I love, I wanted to take my site more seriously. So my hope for 2017 was to work on my first sponsored campaign and I’m so excited and happy to be able to check this one off. Recently I worked with Lauren Ralph Lauren on a sponsored Instagram campaign and I’m really proud of myself and it’s given me the confidence and hope to work with more companies in the future.

Travel More

So 2017 hasn’t been the big travel year that I had hoped it would be, but I’m not mad about it. Towards the end of January, I visited Vietnam to see my family for the first time in more than a decade. I shared so many posts from my trip and talked about it so much that I’m sure you probably didn’t miss it. The trip itself is pricey since it’s such a major international trip and my mom and I bring home a lot of gifts for my family and neighbors there since life over there is so different and they definitely do not have the same comforts and luxuries we are used to. It actually takes a lot of planning and a lot of saving money, but it seriously was the highlight of my year. My mom and I have already made a promise to ourselves and our family to go back every other year. So while I may not be able to travel as much as I want to, I love having this trip to look forward to.

Be Grateful

I actually forgot I made this a goal so I’m pretty happy I’m sitting down and reviewing this. I’ve been pretty up and down with this to be honest. I’m still a dramatic person and I still sweat the small stuff. But, I will say that coming back from Vietnam, I really was so grateful for the small luxuries in life. Like having a working, running shower and good indoor plumbing for one! To be honest though, I’m going to fail myself for this one since I think I still have work to.

Stop Comparing

While I still think I have some work to do here, I’m actually pretty proud of the steps I’ve taken here. This year, I’ve taken several long breaks from Instagram because it just became too toxic for me and it just discouraged me from everything. I seriously went a few weeks without posting on my actual site because I was so upset about Instagram. I mean, what? The fact that I let a silly social media site ruin my day and my true passion was just stupid. Instead of believing in myself, I was constantly looking for validation from others.

I owe a lot of my confidence when it comes to blogging to two of my best friends. My best friend Kyle, who is an Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue, is always encouraging every small or big idea I have and always willing to listen to me ramble on for hours.  And secondly, I owe a lot to Dana because she is always so incredibly encouraging and inspiring. It’s sad, but in this industry you don’t find as many people who are willing to open up and help you grow. But, she is always willing to help me every step of the way and even scold me when I neglect my site! I also witnessed her go through a difficult time dealing with some blogger drama and someone trying to bring her down. That spoke volumes to me because I didn’t want to be that bitter person who compared myself to everyone and was jealous of everyone’s success. Nowadays, I focus on myself, I focus on the small victories and I applaud my fellow bloggers doing amazing things because their success does not mean I failed.

Stay Organized

I bought a planner…..I still don’t work off of an editorial calendar, but we’re taking baby steps here people!

Say Yes More

Ok, so I’m not the social queen that I wanted to be, but again baby steps! And again, thanks to Dana, I’ve gotten out more and attended more events this year that I typically would have said no to. I’ve made it a rule of thumb for myself that anytime she asks me to attend with her that I always say yes unless I actually have something that conflicts. While I do have ways to go, I’m pretty happy with the small steps I’ve taken.

Blog For Myself

While I do think there is some room for improvement here, for the most part I think I’ve really started to open up and make this site everything I’ver ever wanted it to be. I went through a phase where I didn’t talk about work or my feelings and just focused on clothes because I felt as if no one was reading and I didn’t want to come off as constantly complaining. But, I wasn’t necessarily proud of that work, it was more so a routine. I focused more on trying to sell, sell, sell to live up to this blogger expectation I created in my head. But these days, I’m more passionate about writing and really tellings my story. Sure, my posts have become longer, but I truly appreciate all of you who come here to actually read and any positive comments you leave.

And with that being said, another long post for the books! I actually loved reviewing my goals because I honestly forgot a lot of these so I’m feeling even more inspired and encouraged to really make the most out of the last few months of this year. I also highly encourage all of you to review your goals as well. It’s not too late and you don’t want the end of the year to come and you realize you have to make the same goals because you didn’t complete yours! Thank you so much for reading and stopping by!

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  • Dana Mannarino

    I was going to text you this, but you don’t respond to texts anyway and the whole blogging world deserves to see this.
    I am SO proud of how far you’ve come in the last year. You’ve overcome so many personal obstacles on your own, and you’ve grown in so many ways. I always ride you about your work, because I know how much you love your corner of the Internet. I know how GOOD you are at creating content. And I know how much your readers love seeing your content. And I know you’d do the exact same thing for me if I was in a rut. I hope you know you are AMAZING and deserve every single success that comes your way.
    I love you, Linda! And I’m SO excited to see how you finish out the second half of 2017! xx

    Pink Champagne Problems