A Pineapple Cold Shoulder || The Origin Story Of My Pineapple Obsession

I’m so excited about today’s post because we are focusing on my favorite thing in the world! Pineapples!!

I feel like lately I’ve been seeing more and more people embrace the pineapple trend and for me personally, it’s not a trend. It seems silly but I seriously have a major weakness towards anything pineapple related which dates back to my college years. So in addition to sharing a pineapple cold shoulder top, I’m talking about the origin story of my pineapple obsession. It’s definitely not super juicy or deep in anyway, but I just wanted to share since I always talk about my love for pineapples and never really mentioned how it started!

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It all started with a phone case.

A Victoria’s Secret Pink phone case to be exact, which funny enough, I now work for the brand. But, anyways, I was finishing up my junior year of college and I finally got an iPhone that year. So I obviously convinced myself that I need 101 phone cases because why not? As I was scrolling through Instagram (back when it was actually cool), I came across this photo of the new VS Pink iPhone case. I wanted to show you guys a photo so I googled it and you can see it here. Looking at it now is giving me all the feels! I’m definitely on eBay right now looking for an imitation one if we’re being honest…

But, as I was saying, I came across this pineapple case and I instantly fell in love. It was just so freaking cute. I remember taking a screenshot of it and showing it to everyone because I couldn’t get over how fun it was. As I was home for summer break, I kind of forgot about it and when I went to go look online it was no longer available.

Halfway through summer break, my mom and I were shopping at the mall. I wanted to pop into Pink to see what was new and pick up some new undies. They were renovating the store so it was in a different location in the mall. Their temporary spot was a disaster. It was super small and there were boxes and product everywhere. But, as I was walking through the chaos, I made eye contact with something yellow and it was like love at first sight. IT WAS MY PHONE CASE!! Just sitting there and waiting for me. I was so excited that I grabbed it right away, grabbed my mom cause hello I need approval for said purchase and ran to the register. I even recall the sales associate commenting on how cute it was and how she didn’t realize they still had any cases.

Fast Forward…

It sounds silly and I give you all permission to make fun of me, but there was just something about that case. Every time I looked at it, it made me smile. Random people on the train would comment on it and it became a conversation starter. Fast forward to the school year and it pretty much became my personal brand since people always associated me with my pineapple phone case. Whether they were commenting on how cute it was or asking me if the bulkiness bothered me or even making fun of me, people were always talking about it.

I would always pull out that pineapple phone case when the weather started getting warmer so it was always a sign that summer was here. And at my last job, I was constantly miserable and truly felt like I was in my own personal hell and eternal winter. So even though it was the middle of winter, I would put that phone case on to brighten up my day and just remind me of happier times. I think that’s why to this day I still have a pineapple obsession because what started out as just a fun iPhone case has become a symbol of happiness to me.

You guys know I’ve had my ups and downs and I still have my struggles, but the number one thing I want in life is to just be happy. Simple as that. So when I see a clothing item, a piece of wall art or a fun novelty item that is pineapple related, I get so excited. Not to mention, when my family made sure to take me to the pineapple boat in Vietnam because they knew of my obsession, I almost lost my mind I was so excited. ¬†And when people at work or in my personal life associate me with pineapples to the point where they call me the “pineapple gal” or give me something pineapple related they came across or email me links, it just makes me so happy.

So there you have it! The origin story of my pineapple obsession and why it’s such a big part of my brand. And to answer the question I’m sure you’re all thinking of, yes I do enjoy eating the actual fruit as well!

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

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