I’ve Always Been Different, And That’s Okay

Hi everyone! Todays post is actually inspired by this floral kimono. I’ve always wanted to try a kimono look, but have never worn one before so I was pretty excited when I snagged this one from the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago. It’s different for me, but I’ve been loving working it into my wardrobe. It’s such a statement piece so I have to stop myself from wearing it too many times a week. Since I’m trying a different style today, I wanted to share a few thoughts on being different, specifically how I’ve always been different and why that’s okay.

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I’ve Always Been Different…

When I was younger, I loved red grapes, while my peers loved green grapes. While most of my peers said they loved green apples, again I loved red. More times than not, I would sit in the cafeteria with my classmates and when I said I liked something like Mulan for example, one person would say they liked Cinderella and everyone would agree with them and bond over their love for Cinderella. It sounds silly and small, but as a young child, I didn’t understand why my tastes were different than my peers. I remember a girl in my class having a birthday party and inviting all of the girls except me because I was different and didn’t like the same things she liked.

When I was in high school, I really noticed how different I was. When everyone knew the words to the newest Justin Timberlake song and would take a trip down memory lane and sing along to old Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys songs, I didn’t know any of them. I didn’t have any siblings or cousins I was close to, I only had my mom and since she wasn’t listening to the newest JT songs, neither was I. The first day of freshmen year was the strangest. I was around all these new people who wore makeup and even the people I went to middle school with had transformed over the summer and were wearing eyeliner while I didn’t know the first thing about makeup.

When my peers started smoking and drinking and going to parties, I never had any interest in doing so nor was I invited. I preferred hanging out with my mom and going shopping or going to the movies. Even when I went away to college, I wasn’t one to go to clubs or parties or drink. Most nights, I could be found in my dorm room with my friends watching YouTube videos or movies. The first time I had a drink was when I was 20 during a friend’s 21st birthday and even then it was a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. To this day, I’ve never been to an actual club and to this day I still have no desire to go to one.

… And That’s Okay

I could go on and on and list out different times I’ve been the only one to do something or like something. The examples I gave may be trivial or materialistic, but as a young child turned teenager turned young adult, it took a toll on my confidence. Sometimes when I felt singled out or alone, I would think to myself “Why am I so different?” or “Why don’t I fit in with everyone else?”.I was reminded of all this the other day when I was watching a YouTube video and one of my favorite influencers said “I’m so happy I didn’t peak in high school because being an adult is great.” And it got me thinking. I may not have life all figured out and I’ve definitely had my struggles, but I’m really proud of everything I’ve done so far and who I am.

It was always my dream to work for a magazine and although that story didn’t end how I would have hoped, I can still say it was my dream and I accomplished it. I never thought I would ever work for a magazine I used to read and yet I was able to be a team member of three different publications. After all that I’m finally happy at my job and work for a company I admired as a teen. I’ve been brave enough to put myself out there and start a blog and a YouTube channel. I finally have close friends who I really trust and can confide in and can talk about my blog and my interests with and they won’t make fun of me or judge me. I have an amazing relationship with my mom. And I’ve been navigating this adult life with my boyfriend by my side.

As kids, we always hear people say, that what is stressing us out now, won’t matter later and it’s so true. I look back and the things that used to upset me or make me feel different, I celebrate now. Whether it be the fact that I like red grapes or the fact that I’m only 24 and don’t really drink, it makes me different and that’s okay because it’s made me who I am today and allowed me to experience all the things I have in life. There are people in the editorial industry who have loads of internships under their belts and are approaching 30 and have never held a magazine title. And yet, with only one internship experience, I was able to land a magazine title at the age of 22, one year after graduating college. And I truly believe I was able to do that, once I celebrated my differences and allowed them to shine rather than trying to blend in with everyone else.

I think one of the greatest things about having a platform like a blog or a YouTube channel is being able to connect with people who have felt the same way you have at some point in their life. The issues I used to feel so alone about, I see now that other people have felt that same way as well. Even in the world of social media where the industry is saturated, it’s encouraged to be different to stand out. My point is, if you’ve ever felt different and excluded because of it, just look how far you’ve come in life and everything you have accomplished. And if you currently feel alone because of your differences, just learn to embrace it and own it. I know that sounds easier said than done, but once you own who you are and are unapologetic about it, you start celebrating your differences rather than apologizing for it and people around you will do the same.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I know it was a long one, but I’ve been enjoying getting a little more personal on here so I wanted to share a bit of a positive story time post. 

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  • Dana Mannarino

    You go Glen Coco….I love you my little friend! Screw the people who think you’re different – YOU’RE YOU! And I don’t want you any other way.

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