How To Stand Out And Make The Best Impression At Work

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been so bananas and I’ve been running around nonstop at work. It’s been so crazy that I didn’t even realize it was NYFW! Tuesday, coming back after a long weekend, was the hardest day for me since so many last minute tasks thrown my way. I’ll be honest, I almost lost it a few times throughout the day. But, at the end of the day when I ran into the head art director in the elevator and she told me I’m doing a great job or when the director of my department thanked me and told me I’m always on the ball, it felt so rewarding. I get a lot of emails and DM’s asking for career advice or how to break into the fashion industry. I’ve touched upon the fashion industry a few times, but today I wanted to do more of a general post about work. So I’m sharing my tips on how to stand out and make the best impression at work.

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Be Positive

I can not stress this enough. It’s my number one tip to anyone who asks me for advice and it’s something I live by at work. I know I always talk about being close to losing it or if you follow me on twitter, you can see my emotions throughout the day by the gifs I post. But, regardless of how I feel on the inside or if I’m overwhelmed, I always turn it on and show a positive front.┬áLiterally every job I’ve had, even bosses who didn’t like me, have always commended me for always staying positive. I think the most important thing at work is showing that you add to your team and are irreplaceable. If everyone is panicking and your mood takes a nose dive, you’re adding to the problem and nothing gets done. Believe me, when I sit there and think to myself “there’s no way I can do this, this is just too much” I’ve just now wasted 10 minutes where I could actually get stuff done. When you choose to stay positive, it helps you get your work done, help others and really help you stand out.

Be Open To Learning, You Don’t Know Everything

Every company, every position, every boss is different. I’ve worked on the sample team at 4 different companies and each role has been different. I think when starting in a new role, even if you have past experience, it’s important to take a step back and listen and watch and be open to learning. I’ve come across so many people who have said “oh yeah, I know I did that at my other job, I know that already” and it’s just off putting. Yes, you may have done this in your previous position, but it may be done differently here. When I started at my current job, I used to think “why do we do this this way when this way would be better” but as I grew and learned I realized why the current way is better. Just be open to learning, you don’t know everything and that’s okay and even if you do know everything, having someone else’s perspective never hurts.

It’s Okay To Introduce New Ideas… When Applicable

With that being said, it’s okay to introduce new ideas if you think something can be done more effectively and efficiently. Just make sure you’ve been there long enough and have experienced enough to make the proper judgement and have examples. I go to my director all the time and pitch new ways to do things and give her examples of why this doesn’t work and why I think the new way will work. And most times, she agrees and if not she’ll tell me why she thinks it won’t work and what should be reworked. When I had my yearly review it was something I was praised for and I love when my peers introduce new ideas because there’s always a way to do something better. It’s okay to have ideas and people are more open to them than you think, but I think it’s important not to make rush judgements and ones that will only benefit you. Make sure you’ve gone through the motions, weigh the pros and cons, and make sure it doesn’t burden anyone else.

Be Willing To Help Others

If at work you say “that’s not my job” just stop. It’s such a turn off and note cute at all. There are so many times where I’ve gone above and beyond to help someone even though it’s not specifically part of my job description, but I knew I was capable of doing so. Because of that I’ve built amazing relationships with my direct team and our cross functional partners. If anyone knows what it’s like to be swamped at work, it’s me. I recognize when someone needs a lifeline and I’m always willing to throw one because I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed. The reality is, yes this is work and these people don’t have to be your friends, but you do have to see them everyday and may rely on them at some point. Build your relationships. I’ve made amazing friends through work and have had doors opened for me at other places because of my work relationships so I think they are so important.

Your Priorities Are Not Everyone Else’s Priorities

My company requires us to take a 2 day ethics course as new hires. The goal is all about teaching us how to work well with others. I hate team bonding and organized activities like that to be honest. My introvert side gets the best of me and I get super shy. But, it was really an eye opening experience. One thing that really stood out to me is when they encouraged all of us to take a step back and think about what others are doing. Basically, you have priorities, but so does everyone else. I know a lot of the times at work we can complain that we’re waiting on someone or need to meet with someone and they just aren’t working with you. But it really is so important to note that your priorities are not everyone else’s priorities. Realizing that has been such a game changer for me. You would be surprised how people are more willing to help you once you take their time into account and try to work around their schedule as well.

Own Up To Your Mistakes

Short & sweet. We all make them. Like I said, we don’t know everything and that’s okay. You gain people’s respect and you help people more when you own up to your mistakes and fix it from there rather than try to point fingers. And that’s everything! I hope you guys found this post helpful, I truly love writing about my previous work experience and my perspective. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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