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Living Up To Expectations During the Nordstrom Sale

Finally sharing the first look I styled with items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! But, instead of just promoting the sale, today we are talking about the pressures of living up to expectations during the Nordstrom sale. Dress :: Booties :: Bag :: Sunnies A Little Background If you read my post where I talk about the mistakes I made last year during the Nordstrom sale, then you know that I didn’t realize how important or major this sale was…

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Shades Of Blue & A Pop Of Red

Happy Hump Day!  Honest moment. I’m so excited to be back at work and back into the swing of things. We seriously have the most amazing closet team and everyday is filled with laughs & fun…but I am tired!! You would think my body would have adjusted to my big girl job hours by now, but it has not. It probably doesn’t help that for a good two weeks I went to bed at 3:00 A.M and woke up at…

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Casual Fridays

Happy Friday!  This week, this month, this year really flew by. I’m actually in shock thinking about how fast this year came and gone and what a whirlwind it’s been, but I’m incredibly excited to ring in a new year. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I had a very quiet one with my mom, boyfriend and his dog. My day was spent watching Christmas movies and drinking cranberry mimosas and pretty much any kind of juice that…

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