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NYC Diaries || Where To Eat & Drink In The Lower East Side

I am so so so excited about today’s post!! I’ve been wanting to bring back my NYC Diaries series for forever. My first (& only) post was back in March 2016 and although the photos weren’t great and it was so new for me, it got a really great response. So since I’ve been staying at the boyfriend’s place lately and eating my way through the Lower East Side, I wanted to share 5 places that I’ve tried recently and…

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5 Easy To Recreate Favorite Fall Looks

I almost wrote Happy Monday. I also didn’t publish this post yesterday because I skipped the gym AFTER writing about being proud of myself for going to the gym. I’m a mess. But, on a more positive note, I feel like this week flew by, which is a great thing and I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday. I’ve been on a major shopping kick lately. I actually think I’ve been pretty good with saving money, especially since so many of…

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Let’s Talk About Puerto Rico || My Heritage & Hurricane Relief

I really struggled writing this post. It was originally supposed to go up the last Friday of September, but I just felt stuck. I took a bit of a blog break because I kept getting hit with a case of writers block and needed to step back to refresh. Today’s post is not photo heavy, but it is text heavy. This is something that is important to me and different for me to write about so I really hope you…

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What I Learned From My Mom

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post is incredibly special to me and probably my favorite post I’ve written because it’s all about my favorite person: my mom and what I learned from my mom! Today is her birthday and she is one of the hardest people to shop for because even when I do know what she likes, she never wants me to spend money on her! When I was younger, I had saved up money and bought her two sweaters from…

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Reviewing My 2017 New Year’s Goals

Yesterday I celebrated one year at the Victoria’s Secret Corporate Office. It’s crazy how fast time flies by and how different life can be in just one year. Since I’m feeling pretty sentimental (which if we’re being honest, is nothing new!), today I’m reviewing my 2017 New Year’s goals to see what I’ve achieved so far and hold myself accountable for what still needs work. This post was inspired by Erika Fox of Retro Flame. I found her post last…

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